Corporate governance

Provides details about corporate governance.

Council meetings

The Veterans Act requires that the VVC must meet at least eight times each year. The VVC held eight meetings during the period between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023.

Committee structure

The VVC has established two permanent committees to help fulfil its functions under the Act. It also formed working parties to oversee items of work including: 

  • an Engagement Strategy Working Group
  • a Veteran Definitions Working Group 
  • a Communities of Practice Working Group. 

Funding Sub-Committee

The Funding Sub-Committee develops and reviews the grant guidelines for the Victorian Veterans Fund and the ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund. It assesses applications for both funds and makes funding recommendations to the VVC for grants from both funds. During the year the Funding Sub-Committee reviewed and updated its charter and the guidelines for the ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund grant program.

Dan Cairnes chaired the Funding Sub-Committee in 2022–23. The other members of the sub-committee were John McNeill to 5 September 2022, and Lucy Saaroni, Jo-Anne O’Brien and Brett West from 14 October 2022. The Funding Sub-Committee met twice during the year.

Governance Sub-Committee

The Governance Sub-Committee ensures the VVC complies with all financial and legal requirements under the Act and any other relevant legislation. The sub-committee is also responsible for governance of the six patriotic funds for which the VVC is trustee. It also develops the VVC annual report. 

Bruce Mildenhall chaired the Governance Sub-Committee in 2022–23. Other members were Pela Markogiannakis, Ken Tsirigotis and Simon Thorn (from 14 October 2022), and John McNeill (from 14 October 2022). 

The Governance Sub-Committee met once during the year to oversee VVC’s administration of patriotic funds and associated investment accounts. A second meeting was scheduled but was postponed and held in the following financial year on 5 July 2023. During the year the sub-committee reviewed the VVC’s risk management framework, considered standardised reporting from RSL Victoria and Melbourne Legacy to the VVC, and matters relating to administering patriotic funds for which the VVC is a trustee.

Secretariat support

The Office for Veterans in the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing provided secretariat support to the VVC and its sub-committees.

Audited financial records

The VVC financial results are aggregated into the department’s financial statements, pursuant to a determination made by the Minister for Finance under s 53(1)(b) of the Financial Management Act 1994. Financial statements can be found on the department’s website.

On 6 September 2018 the VVC applied to the Minister for Finance seeking a full exemption from the Standing Directions of the Minister for Finance under the Financial Management Act. On 1 October 2018 the Minister for Finance approved this application, exempting the VVC on an ongoing basis from complying with requirements of the Standing Directions.