About the Victorian Veterans Council

The Victorian Veterans Council (VVC) is an independent statutory body established in August 2006 under the Veterans Act 2005 (the Act).

The VVC plays an important role in supporting Victorian veterans and their families. The VVC is responsible for reporting to the Minister for Veterans on issues affecting the Victorian veteran community.

Under the Veterans Act, the VVC has specific responsibility for distributing the ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund and Victorian Veterans Fund. The VVC also assists the Victorian Government by providing:

  • general advice to the Minister for Veterans on issues affecting Victoria’s veterans, including the current and future needs of veterans and their families
  • advice to the Director of Consumer Affairs on matters relating to the regulation of patriotic funds
  • advice on a range of government-led programs and initiatives.

The VVC is supported by the Office for Veterans in the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.