Corporate governance

Provide details about corporate governance.

Council meetings

The Veterans Act 2005 requires that the VVC must meet at least eight times each year. The Council held 7 meetings during the period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019, with an eighth meeting rescheduled to July 2019.

Committee structure

The VVC has established 2 committees to facilitate the performance of its functions under the Act.

Funding Sub-Committee

The Funding Sub-Committee is responsible for the development and annual review of the guidelines for the Victorian Veterans Fund Grant Programs and the ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund, coordinating the application process for both funds and making funding recommendations to the VVC for grants from both funds. Dr Ross Bastiaan is the current Chair of the Funding Sub- Committee. The other members of  the  Sub-Committee are Wing Commander Sharyn Bolitho, Ms Elizabeth Brown, Lieutenant Commander Peta Irving (Rtd) and Mr Geoffrey Brewer. The Committee met on two occasions throughout the year.

Governance Sub-Committee

The Governance Sub-Committee is responsible for ensuring the VVC complies with all financial and legal requirements under the Veterans Act 2005 and any other relevant legislation. The Governance Committee is also responsible for governance of the 6 patriotic funds for which the Council is Trustee and the development of the VVC annual report. Mr Bruce Mildenhall is the current Chair of the Governance Sub-Committee. Other members of the Governance Sub-Committee are Lieutenant Commander Pelagia Markogiannakis, Brigadier Michael Annett CSC and Ms Kim McAliney. The Governance Sub-Committee met five times during the year to discuss the administration of the patriotic funds and associated investment accounts, prepare the VVC’s Risk Management Framework and to oversee the preparation of the VVC’s financial statements for the annual report in 2018-19.

Secretariat support

Secretariat support to the VVC and both Sub-Committees was provided by the Veterans Branch within the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Audited financial records

The VVC financial results are aggregated into the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s financial statements pursuant to a determination made by the Minister for Finance under section 53(1)(b) of the Financial Management Act 1994. The Department’s Financial Statements can be found at:

On 6 September 2018, the VVC applied to the Minister for Finance seeking a full exemption from the Standing Directions of the Minister for Finance under the Financial Management Act 1994. On 1 October 2018, this application was approved by the Minister for Finance, exempting on an ongoing basis the Victorian Veterans Council from compliance with all requirements of the Standing Directions.